1.jpg  很高興今天收到Jonathan的回電, 補充他們家釣鮭魚的故事, 全文如下:

Steven, sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I've been busy fishing and the last couple of days getting the family onboard and settled. What is your time frame on this project? I could provide more detail and pictures easier when I get home in about a month from now.   
My dad moved up from california in the late 1960s. He got a job on a troller and decided that is what he wanted to do for a living. At the time, people told him that there was no future in that fishery. Not only has he supported his family for the last 40 years from trolling for salmon, now his two sons troll as well. However when someone asks me about getting into trolling I usually tell them that there isn't much money in it and that you have to like doing it to be successful. It is true most of the time.
My parents fished together with us kids for 10 years. They usually started fishing in april or may and quit around the middle of september. After 10 years My mom and sister started staying in town and my brother and I would spend most of the summer on the boat. My dad would take more days off to be in town than we do now. But the season lasted longer back then.
Currently I fish july, august & september. I fish without my family onboard for about 2/3 of the season. Mainly because we have young children and I have to fish long hours to make enough money for boat payments & expenses. Then the whole family comes out and we work together for the last month of the season. We take the boat back home to Washington every year. I'd estimate that 15% of alaska Trollers are from outside Alaska; mainly from Washington.
Growing up I usually quit fishing in the fall when public school began. My children are being homeschooled so there is no need to get back home for the start of the school year. 
I have 3 daughters. I think that they will fish with me until they get real jobs.  I would be happy if any of my kids decided to get a boat and fish for a living, but I'll let them decide on there own. 
I met my wife at college. I was sure to take her out fishing before I proposed to her. She's a great deck hand but she doesn't really like the ocean. When we fished together before we had kids, we didn't fish in very rough water which was fine with me as long as we had caught enough fish by the end of the year. 
Hope this helps
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